Diversity Consultation

We live in an everchanging world where it is becoming more and more important to understand and embrace both the similarities and differences among individuals. In working with me as your diversity consultant, I will conduct a needs assessment, and provide a tailored intervention to meet the unique needs of your organization. Generally, this will include interviews and/or a survey of the appropriate individuals along with some sort of presentation, seminar, or workshop for your organization. On other occasions, our work may simply include several meetings or phone calls in which I am able to provide guidance around complicated issue that your organization is facing. Ultimately, the needs of every organization are different and therefore the most important part of my job is figuring out what your diversity-related goals are and how I can help you to achieve these goals.


Please note that the cost for this diversity consultations vary based on needs of the organization. If you feel that your organization would benefit from a diversity consultation, including a needs assessment and tailored intervention, please reach out to see if we can work together to meet the diversity-related needs of your organization.