I specialize in working with individuals of various identities, including women and persons of color, and have over a decade of experience in working a diverse population. As a culturally informed psychotherapist, I focus on the context of your experience and the various intersecting factors that influence the issues that bring you to psychotherapy. While much of our work will be to improve your well-being, the other part of our work will focus on understanding the external factors and their influence on your mental health. As a psychologist, it is my job to help you become more insightful, aware of your values, and help change your thoughts and behaviors in a way that is more adaptive and helpful to your everyday life.

Areas of specialty:

– Multicultural issues

– Racial Identity

– Women’s issues

– Trauma

– Depression

– Anxiety

– Life Stressors and Transitions

– Aging

Treatment Modalities

– Person-centered therapy

– Culturally informed treatment

– Cognitive behavioral therapy

– Dialectical behavioral therapy

– Trauma-informed treatment

– Feminist therapy

– Psychodynamic therapy

If you are looking for a therapist who is warm, non-judgmental, silly, and has a passion for working with diverse individuals, feel free to reach out for a brief consultation.